We are pioneers in overseas education consultation since 2008

Our extensive experience in the international education industry makes following your dream of international education a simpler and easier process.

We are pioneers in the field of abroad education counselling

Our considerable experience in the international education market makes pursuing your ambition of overseas education a much more straightforward and straightforward approach.

We’re one of the world’s most rapidly expanding international education consulting firms

A growing number of international students are becoming aware of the incredible benefits of studying abroad. In order to pursue higher education outside of the country, our country’s young and aspiring students must have a clear understanding of the worldwide universities and educational institutions that offer courses and post-study options that best meet their needs and interests.

Since our begin, we’ve been on a quest to make international education more accessible. Our global footprint stretches across 12 nations, and as you will see, we are genuinely unique.

We have specialised teams of highly experienced professionals to assist students like you from all over the world in selecting the best courses available in foreign universities that are appropriate for both your interests and ability.

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We begin by gaining an understanding of your educational and career objectives, after which we will provide you with the appropriate counsel. Here’s why you should contact us:

  • We’ve worked with hundreds of students and have first-hand expertise with overseas education.
  • From identifying your goals to applying for a course and school of your choosing, our certified team of professionals will walk you through every step of the admissions process.
  • We can help you pay for your education by locating the correct scholarships, and many colleges will eliminate application fees if you apply via us.
  • We represent more than 500 top universities and institutes throughout the world, providing courses in a wide range of subjects.

Every stage of your overseas education journey will be guided by us.

All of our professionals at AFIL have extensive experience in international education and are qualified to provide excellent education counselling.

As an independent representative of over 500+ top universities and educational institutions throughout the world, we work on your behalf to provide you with a diverse range of options backed by in-depth expertise of each institution.

For a simpler foreign university admissions procedure and study abroad application tips, contact us today!

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Your career will be shaped by our experience and collaborations.

We work with a large number of partners who offer a wide range of worldwide education options. Thousands of young students, like you, pick their career and education route by enrolling in recognised institutions and colleges around the world, thanks to our global network of contacts.

We’ve been offering students a full bundle of application counselling and immigration support that’s tailored to your specific interests and needs.

We provide a one-stop shop for any of your questions and concerns.

We take care of everything for you as your foreign education partner, from course selection and application advice to assisting you in obtaining the appropriate visa. Our professionals will assist you in making the most important and consequential decision of your life.

We’ve built good working connections with our university partners, and we provide scholarships to worthy students to assist defray the costs of studying abroad.

When you choose AFIL as your international study partner, you can concentrate on arranging your international education and career while we handle the paperwork.

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Our global presence

We offer world class international education consultation services. We have global presence in 12 countries and operate in 33 international offices. We can help you follow the path you’ve been dreaming of by communicating with you in your language.

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